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Announcing Ryde or Die Records

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I have learned from a reliable source about the formation of Ryde or Die Records, a new label connected with the Ruff Ryder camp. The label will include Yung Wun and Larsiny, If you don't know who Larsiny is, pop in Ryde or Die Volume 2 and listen to # 4 Ryde or Die Boyz. They do the verses and Yung Wun does the chorus. This is Swizz Beatz' label, basically, but is still close to the same thing as the Ruffryders label. Another source has provided me with material from Larsiny, and info about them, so for now, this page will be a mixture between Larsiny and news about Ryde or Die Records.

Artists Signed to Ryde or Die Records

- Larsiny -

- Yung Wun -

- Lotto -

Release Dates

Larsiny - some time 2001

Yung Wun - also 2001

Here is the only Larsiny Pics Page on the net!

In the same conversation, I also learned that Jadakiss is nearing completion of his album.

Also, Eve will begin production of her album soon

Larsiny is expected to appear on both of these albums, Jadakiss' album and Eve's album.

They are also supposed to be on an upcoming soundtrack.

They have been on mixtapes with DJ Kayslay and DJ S&S.

They also will be doing a mixtape with DJ Clue

If you wanna see more of Larsiny, look in the WW III video.

Akbar is wearing a RR Tee on his head in the pool table seen and

B. Cassidy is on the other side of Jadakiss.

Shiz Lansky is jumping in front of the camera at the end of the video.

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