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Okay, these are my favorite DMX Quotes. They are meaningful to me, and they are the reason that DMX is my favorite rapper. Check these out, tell me what you think, discuss them in the message boards. If you think there's a quote that I should add, e-mail me here.

Think back 26 years, be like what of his birth What if it was a miscarriage and I never existed Have I given something that have been taken away you would of missed it? - "Let Me Fly"

Two sets of footsteps, I was right beside you there. But what about them times I only saw one. Those were the times that I was under the gun, It was then I carried you my son. Led you to safety. It just wasn't your time to face me. - "The Convo"

Look in my eyes, see what I see Do what I do, be what I be Walk in my shoes, hurt your feet Then know why I do dirt in the street - "Look Thru My Eyes"

Now who I am is who I'll be until I die either accept it or don't fuck with it but if we gon' be dogs then you stuck with it! - "Dogs For Life"

Don't came at me wit no bullshit, use caution Cause when I wet shit, I dead shit, like abortions - "Niggaz Done Started Something"

See to live is to suffer but to survive well that's to find meaning in the suffering. - "Slippin"

Either let me fly, or give me death Let my soul rest, take my breath If I don't fly I'ma die anyway, I'ma live on but I'll be gone any day - "Let me Fly"

I sold my soul to the devil, and the price was cheap, A yo it's cold on this level cause it's twice as deep, But you don't hear me, ignorance is bliss and so on. Sometimes it's better to be thought dumb, Shall I go on - "Let Me Fly"

I'm here to say what's in my heart, and you call it a style. Don't put it in the cage, don't mistreat it You say you hunger for knowledge, here it is eat it. Another song completed is another thought captured. Let me do my thing I got it locked wit' this rap shit! - "Let Me Fly"

Take it for what it's worth, my birth was a blessing. Sent to live and die, on earth as a lesson. We each have a star, all we have to do is find it. Once you do, everyone who sees it will be blinded. They'll tell you that you're bright, and say you have a future, When you turn your back, same cats'll try to shoot ya - "Fame"

I know you never seen him but don't fight with him You're gonna make it through the night to the light with him Uhh, you're alright with him I said you're alright with him - "Angel"

I'm callin out to you Lord, because I need your help See once again I'm havin difficulty savin myself behavin myself, you told me what to do, and I do it But every and now and then, gets a little harder to go through it - "Angel"

I want you to know Lord, that for what you've given me I'm thankful Sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, I'm grateful You gave us power in our words, so I think before I speak And that way when I speak, they know I'm here to teach Can't tell em nothin wrong, cause I love em too much I reach a lot of people, and Lord, I'm lovin the touch But deep inside, I've got somethin that's workin against everything I know is right, what I know makes sense - "Angel"

My Lord, my saviour, don't judge my behaviour but instead, take what's in my heart and put it in my head See I guess I really never knew, how proud I made you My life is yours, my soul I gave you - "Angel"

You let me touch so many people, and it's all for the good I influenced so many children, I never thought that I would And I couldn't take credit for the love they get because it all comes from you Lord; I'm just the one that's givin it - "Prayer III"

If what you want from me is to bring your children to you my regret is only having one life to do it, instead of two - "Prayer III"