4.6.01 With Eve's new album blowing up and new albums coming soon from DMX, Jadakiss, Drag-On, and The Lox, Ruff Ryders Entertainment is now reaching out toward the lucrative television and film industry. The Double R recently announced that they've signed a deal with Artists Management Group (AMG) to hed their other division, Ruff Ryders Film and Video. They are currently working on a couple of projects which include a documentary on the creation and the rise of Ruff Ryders and a film entitled When The Ride Is Ruff. The film is about a group of motorcyclists who "encounter mayhem on their journey back to New York" and is now in development with Wesley Snipes' Amen-Ra Productions. "Ruff Ryders are very excited to be working with AMG. We have put a strong team together to help us launch various film and television projects," said Joaquin Dean, co-president/CEO of Ruff Ryders Entertainment in a statement. There is no word on when the projects will be released.

3.29.01 After handing out beats to almost every Hip-Hop artist in the game, Swizz Beats is now having many of them return the favor. Swizz is in the process of finishing his new compilation, Swizz Beats Presents G.E.T.T.O. Stories Vol. 1, due out sometime this summer on DreamWorks Records. He's in the process of bringing in an incredible star-studded roster of guests that include Mary J Blige & Jay-Z, DMX & Papa Roach, Musiq Soul Child & Carl Thomas, Bounty Killer & Shaggy, Outkast & Ludacris, Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg, Tha Eastsidaz, Will Smith, Shyne, Noreaga, Shaquille O'Neal, LL Cool J and even Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones. Swizz produced three songs for the King of Pop, which may or may not be featured on the singer's upcoming album and Mike is returning the favor. In addition, he recruited Timbaland and Dr. Dre to collaborate on a beat in which Swizz will rock the mic. Swizz is also launching his own label, Full Surface, in a deal with Clive Davis' J Records. Currently signed to the label is female emcee, Kima, dancehall gangster, Bounty Killer and Ruff Ryder protg, Yung Wun, who's album will be the first project released. Swizz has also been hard at work making beats for DMX, LL Cool J, Jay-Z, Jadakiss and Busta Rhymes on their upcoming projects.

3.28.01 Despite its allure to other artists, it seems the concrete jungle of New York City is less than ideal for DMX. The Yonkers, New York, native has taken refuge in Maryland to start work on his fourth LP, according to a spokesperson for B.A.R. Management, the company handling his career as well as that of his Ruff Ryding cohort Drag-On. DMX's last album, ...And Then There Was X, also was predominantly recorded outside of the Big Apple, with the Dark Man choosing to lay down tracks in Miami's Hit Factory. His first two albums, It's Dark and Hell Is Hot and Flesh of My Flesh ... Blood of My Blood, were mostly recorded in Yonkers' Powerhouse Recording Studio. The new LP was originally slated to drop this spring; DMX's label, Def Jam, said the date has been pushed back and a new one has yet to be determined. There is no word yet on who he'll be working with on the album. The sessions mark the rapper's return to the musical realm since serving 11 days in an Alden, New York, jail for driving without a license. He still faces a contempt of court charge for failing to turn himself in by his court-ordered date (see "Injured DMX Released From Jail"). X can currently be seen on the big screen alongside Steven Seagal in "Exit Wounds," which has grossed over $20 million to date. DMX will next turn up in "Lazarus," the next installment in the "Crow" franchise (see "Eminem Eyed For Role In DMX Movie"). DMX's most recent release is "No Sunshine," his single off the "Exit Wounds" soundtrack.

3.18.01 Sorry Again for not updating, life is crazy. I'm gonna be in Florida for a week and then looking at colleges around Boston and a few other places. I may or may not be able to update, we'll see. DMX was released a week and a few days ago on cruches, b/c he got roughed up by some jail security guards. He went to the Exit Wounds premiere, and that went well, check the movie out in theatres now. Eve caused a mob of fans to destroy like a deli, b/c she was hiding in it after her release party. Check the "Ain't No Sunshine" video and song, and also the whole Exit Wounds soundtrack which has got some hot tracks on it. I got some issues with making money on this site right now, so we'll see how that works out, but I'll get my act together and give you the best DMX and RR site on the net, just please be patient, school, SATs, getting into college, Varsity Hoops and Baseball get tough sometimes, I'll shut up now. One.

3.7.01 More trouble for DMX... He was about to get out of jail early after serving 10 days of his 15 day sentence, but his early release was revoked for 4 disciplinary problems. He then threw a tray at a Corrections officer, and is being charged with assault. That means he has two charges waiting, one for contempt of court and one for assault. DMX is scheduled to be released on Friday the 9th. I'm trying to get some Larsiny updates, but I've been out of touch with Shiz and Akbar, so keep it locked here for more news.

3.2.01 Sorry for the severe lack of updates, but I had exams, and baseball season started, life is crazy, so here's the low down. Here's the cover of Eve's new album Scorpion. DMX turned himself, and then is being charged as being in comtempt of court. Also, Eminem may be in the Crow movie with DMX. For everything in detail, check the news section.

3.2.01 Eminem and DMX, together on the big screen? It could happen, as Eminem has reportedly been offered more than $4 million to join DMX in the cast of "Lazarus," a project originally intended as the fourth film in "The Crow" franchise. Variety reports that Eminem has been eyed to portray DMX's evil nemesis in "Lazarus," the premise for which incorporates some of the supernatural, life-after-death themes from the three "Crow" flicks. When DMX agreed to take over a role in "Lazarus" last July, he was to star as a rapper slain in a drive-by shooting who returns from the grave to exact revenge on the gang who gunned him down (see "DMX Signs On To Resurrect 'The Crow' Film Series"). In the new screenplay, reworked by Joe Ide from James Gibson's original draft, a pair of dead rappers, one good and one evil, are mysteriously brought back to life in order to wage a war over control of the hip-hop world. Despite the plot shakeup, veteran video director Joseph Kahn is still on board to direct "Lazarus," with Edward R. Pressman producing the flick for his Pressman Film Corp. A spokesperson for Pressman Films had no comment on whether Eminem has been approached about "Lazarus," while representatives for Eminem have yet to respond to inquiries about the movie offer. If Eminem does take a role in "Lazarus," it will mark his feature film debut. He previously had a cameo part in the direct-to-video movie, "Da Hip Hop Witch," which came out in November. The rapper has widely disavowed that project, though, and even attempted to halt distribution of "Da Hip Hop Witch" prior to its release (see "Eminem To Voice Web Cartoon; Wants Out Of 'Witch' "). As for DMX, he's currently serving a 15-day sentence at the Erie County Correctional Facility in Alden, New York, for a traffic violation he pleaded guilty to last March, although the rapper could be released as early as Tuesday (see DMX Finally Turns Himself In For Jail Term"). Because he waited more than two weeks before surrendering to authorities, DMX is also facing a contempt of court charge that could land him back in jail for up to a year but the rapper plans to keep busy immediately following his release from prison, despite the new potential legal woes. On March 9, DMX plans to attend the New York premiere of his new film, "Exit Wounds," after which he's expected to perform an hour-long set at a post-screening party at the Rainbow Room. DMX has contributed a new song, titled "No Sunshine," to the "Exit Wounds" soundtrack, and even managed to complete a video for the track prior to turning himself in.

2.27.01 Cheektowaga, New York, officials had a surprise greeting for DMX when the rapper finally showed up more than two weeks late to do his time for driving without a license. Just hours after arriving on Monday to serve his 15-day sentence at Erie County Correctional Facility, the rapper was hauled from his jail cell to a courtroom and arraigned on a charge of contempt of court for missing the date a judge set for him to go to jail. The new charge, a misdemeanor, has a maximum penalty of one year in prison. The charge came as a shock to DMX and his lawyer, Mark Mahoney, who filed a not guilty plea and are accusing Erie County District Attorney Frank Clark of selective prosecution. A contempt of court charge stemming from a traffic violation is uncommon, Clark said Tuesday (February 27). "But this is an unusual case," he said. The district attorney's office filed the charge on February 9, the date by which Cheektowaga Town Justice Ronald E. Kmiotek ordered DMX (born Earl Simmons) to surrender. At the time, Clark and his office said they had not taken action against the rapper for failing to surrender in time. "Sometimes you hold your cards out, sometimes you don't," Clark said. Mahoney was sorting out strategies on Tuesday, and said only that the charge was shocking. Bail was set at $250,000, and a March 14 proceeding was set for the case. Clark said he expected a battery of motions from DMX's defense team and said a resolution was probably several months away. "In most fugitive cases we would wait 30 days and file a bail-jumping charge, which is a felony and carries a much harsher penalty," Clark said. "But we knew [DMX] would turn himself in before then. We had a plan from the beginning. This isn't just an afterthought." Clark agreed that $250,000 was unusually high for a misdemeanor bail. "But our argument is that, given his penchant for ignoring court orders, we needed something sufficient enough to get his attention," he said. DMX has not yet paid bail, though Clark said he expects him to when he is released from jail next week. Kmiotek can waive DMX's appearance at the March 14 proceeding if it is requested. "Exit Wounds," DMX's movie with Steven Seagal, opens March 16. According to past statements from Mahoney and his press camp, DMX did not surrender by the court-ordered date because he was contractually obligated to film promotions for the movie on February 9 and several days following. The rapper did not surrender until after the Grammy Awards, though he did not attend the ceremony, where he was nominated for two awards (Eminem won both). DMX was arrested March 3 on the Kensington Expressway for traffic violations, driving with a suspended permit and possessing marijuana (see "DMX Arrested On Driving, Drug Possession Charges"). He pleaded guilty that month to a reduced charge of driving without a license and was ordered the maximum 15-day jail term, which will likely be reduced to 10 days for good behavior. DMX's spokesperson was not available for comment Tuesday.

2.15.01 Check Eve's "Who's That Girl Video, here.

2.14.01 - Sorry for no updates, but life has been crazy so here's everything I've missed. DMX's appeal didn't work so he has to go to jail, he wanted to work on promotions for Exit Wounds, so he didn't turn himself in; hence, there is now a warrant out for his arrest. Check the new Eve video for "Who's That Girl?" from her upcoming album Scorpion, set to hit stores March 6th. it's real tight, and also Jadakiss just filmed his video for "Put Your Hands Up" the other night, that should be real tight, since the song is just crazy. Also, Larsiny (Cal Akbar and Shiz Lansky) were in the studio with Drag-on today and should be making another appearance with DJ Kay Slay soon. So check their page, and once exams are over in another 2 weeks, I'll be back and updating like crazy.

Notice: For any of you Ruffryderz.com fans, the site iis down, but it can be found here.
I've been home sick for almost a week now, it really sucks, and the clicks on ads are way down, so think of me sick in bed, and still updating while you click the ads. I have some Exit Wounds pics for you, HERE and a bonus DMX and bonus Eve picture that I got from a special hidden place, they're cool.

Rap star dmx is heading off to jail. He's facing 15 days behind bars for traffic violations. Back in March he was stopped in Buffalo for speeding. Police say they also found marijuana in his car. The rapper went to court to try and get the sentence thrown out, but a judge ruled against him. He's expected to surrender in the next few weeks.

1.22.01 New Eve Interview from mtv.com here all about her album and other stuff, it's just like the DMX one. Shiz sent me a picture of him and Akbar from Colomubs, so check that here. Some more BIG news, the DMX album "The Ear" is now set for a 06/26/2001 release date according to DefJam.com which is official. Also check this background Shiz made for me, it's tight.

1.15.01 What up? I tweaked the layout again, hope ya'll like it and find it even easier. Happy Martin Luther King Jr. day, take a minute out of your day to think about Dr. King and his dreams. The new DJ Clue joint which is set to drop on Feb. 27th will feature DMX and the first single, "Back To Life 2001," features Jadakiss and Mary J. Blige. The track is a remake of Soul 2 Soul's 1989 hit, "Back To Life." I can't think of any other news, although I think I'm missing something, I'll update again soon. Please click the ads, sign up for the mailing list, and use the Interactive section so I know what you think of the site. One.

1.12.01 Yo! Larsiny is in Colombus, Ohio now, doing a radio show and performing at a half time show, so good luck to them. DMX didn't win an AMA, but Dr. Dre did. Also DMX will have a home video DVD coming out in March with three components. 1) The Making of And Then There Was X featuring behind the scenes footage of DMX's real life. 2) A 30-minute mini movie for the song "Angel" featuring Mary J Blige directed by Bill Duke. The treatment conceived by DMX. 3) Three videos, "What's My Name" "Party Up" and "What These Bitches Want.it and click the banners for me.

1.6.01 Eve On Cover Of Paper! Eve graces the cover of the January issue of Paper magazine.

1.6.01 Eve's New Album Hits The Streets March! Watch for Eve's new album SCORPION. Release date March 13, 2001!

1.6.01 Eve In In Style Check out Eve in the new issue of In Style magazine. She sites her Chanel silver down ski parka as one of her favorite things.

1.6.01 Ruff Ryders Featured In New Sean Connery Movie! The Ruff Ryders tune "Weed, Hoes, Dough" is featured in "Finding Forrester", the new Gus Van Sant movie featuring Sean Connery and Busta Rhymes.

1.6.01 DMX is up for an American Music Award for Best Hip-Hop/Rap Artist, check that out on ABC on the 8th of December.

1.2.01 DMX was nominated for 2 Grammy's - Best Rap Album for "And then there was X..." and Best Rap performance for "Party Up". Also Swizz Beatz has submitted 4 or 5 tracks to be produced for Michael Jackson's new album, so click the banners for me, and Vote for me on my own Top sites too!

12.28.2000 DMX gave gifts to kids in the Harlem Hospital AIDS ward on 12/20. Ruffryderz.com is saying that DMX's next album, "The Eye" will drop on May 22, 2001, we'll see... And I know that Eve's album's droppin Feb. 27th. DMX is also launching his own clothing line called Dog Wear, and he is working on doing a video for "Angel Remix" with Mary J. Blige, I'm psyched for that cuz that's the best song on the album. DMX is a busy man with various othe rprojects that I've told you about, and I'm a busy guy too, so click the banners for me, and Vote for me on my own Top sites too!

11.17.2000 Eve On Billboard Music Awards Dec 5! U.S.A. Eve will be a presenter at the Billboard Music Awards December 5th on Fox.

11.16.2000 Eve's New Album! U.S.A. Watch for Eve's new album, dropping in 2001! 11.16.2000 Drag-on Twista New Single U.S.A. "Twisted Heat" is the latest single from Ryde Or Die Volume 2!

11.16.2000 Eve On The Cover Of THE SOURCE!!! U.S.A. Check out the indepth interview with Eve in the December issue of THE SOURCE magazine!

Def Jam Artists to put out Digital Videos 11/17/2k

Jay-Z, DMX, and Ja Rule are among the Def Jam hip-hop artists whose music will undergo the interactive, animated digital-video treatment under a newly announced production agreement between Island Def Jam Music Group and Brilliant Digital Entertainment Inc. Production is already set to begin on several imminent Def Jam titles: Ja Rule's "6 Feet Underground," DMX's "Good Girls, Bad Boys," and Jay-Z's "You, Me, Him And Her." Each video will feature standard 3D animation with interactivity in realtime streaming audio and video with supplemental E-commerce and promotional elements. Island Def Jam, Digital HipHop, and Brilliant Digital will be partners in distributing and syndicating the videos and will share in associated revenue. The pact grew out of Brilliant's existing Digital HipHop partnership with entrepreneur Russell Simmons and producer/director Stan Lathan. Established in April, Digital HipHop is a joint-venture animation studio for the creation of Internet content. When BET acquired Simmons' 360hiphop in October, Simmons and Lathan retained Digital HipHop. The Digital HipHop studio is based in L.A. and supervised by Lathan, whose entertainment experience includes his current role as executive producer and director of television's "The Steve Harvey Show." He also co-created and executive-produced the HBO series "Russell Simmons' Def Comedy Jam."

Anger Management Tour Dates f/ DMX 10/27/2k

It looks like Limp Bizkit and DMX will be hooking up after all. Limp Bizkit have announced that they will join forces with DMX, Godsmack and Sinisstar for three shows beginning November 26 in San Diego. The dates cropped up on Limp Bizkit's official Web site (www.limpbizkit.com) and were confirmed by the band's record label, Interscope. The dates come on the heels of Limp Bizkit's Anger Management Tour with Eminem, Papa Roach and Xzibit, which ends November 21. When the Anger Management Tour was announced in late September, Limp Bizkit said they expected DMX to hook up with the trek near the end of its run. Limp Bizkit were recently forced to pull the plug on a show in Albany, New York, due to frontman Fred Durst's swollen vocal cords. After the setback, the tour resumed Thursday in Toronto, and the Albany date was moved to December 11. Limp Bizkit's dates with DMX, Godsmack and Sinisstar: 11/26 - San Diego, CA @ San Diego Sports Arena 12/2 - New Orleans, LA @ New Orleans Arena 12/7 - Detroit, MI @ Joe Louis Arena [Source - MTV.com]

DMX Pleads Not Guilty 10/20/2k

DMX pleads innocent to weapons charges stemming from an arrest in Teaneck, NJ. He supposedly had guns and hollow point bullets and stuff. [Source - HOT97]

DMX to Film "Do You Video" 9/26/2k

I just heard on Funkmaster Flex's radio show on Hot97 that DMX and Funk Flex are filming their video for DMX's song on Funk Master Flex's upcoming record. They will begin filming on Wednesday (I think the 27th, but possibly the 4th, I'm not positive) in Canada, because that's where DMX is filming a movie right now. It should be hot! This is more exclusive news from RydeOrDie.com

Anger Management Tour Dates Release 9/25/2k

[note: DMX is not on all of these dates, he will only be on selected ones, when those come out, I'll be the first to tell you]

East Rutherford, New Jersey... you have been warned. Limp Bizkit, Eminem, Papa Roach, and Xzibit have tapped East Continental Airlines Arena as the launching pad for their "Anger Management Tour." Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst called in to MTV's "Total Request Live" on Monday to announce the first batch of dates for the outing, which kicks off on October 19.While unveiling the dates, Durst also confirmed that Eminem, Papa Roach, and Xzibit are confirmed for the trek. DMX is expected to join up for select dates later in the tour. Limp will use the outing to introduce fans to the new sounds on "Chocolate Starfish And The Hot Dog Flavored Water," and the band may be aided in that effort directly by tourmates Xzibit and DMX. "We have a track on the record with me and Xzibit -- 'Lethal Made The Beat.' It's hot, man. It's West Coast," Durst told MTV News of his work with the rapper. "Then we have a track on the record that Swizz Beatz produced that's me, DMX, Method Man, and Redman, and it's hard, man. It's really East Coast. It has that vibe, and it's really an assault." If you want to see if Limp delivers those tracks live, here's where you can catch the "Anger Management Tour" with Eminem, Papa Roach, and Xzibit: 10/19 - East Rutherford, NJ @ Continental Airlines Arena 10/21 - Buffalo, NY @ HSBC Arena 10/23 - Worcester, MA @ Centrum Center 10/24 - Albany, NY @ Pepsi Arena 10/26 - Toronto, ON @ SkyTent 10/27 - Montreal, QC @ Molson Centre 10/29 - Auburn Hills, MI @ Palace of Auburn Hills 10/30 - Chicago, IL @ Allstate Arena 10/31 - Milwaukee, WI @ Bradley Center 11/2 - Champaign, IL @ Assembly Hall 11/3 - Indianapolis, IN @ Conseco Fieldhouse 11/5 - Moline, IL @ Mark Of The Quad Cities 11/6 - St. Louis, MO @ Kiel Center 11/8 - Minneapolis, MN @ Target Center 11/10 - Denver, CO @ Pepsi Center 11/13 - Tacoma, WA @ Tacoma Dome 11/14 - Portland, OR @ Rose Garden Arena 11/15 - Vancouver, BC @ General Motors Place [credit mtv.com]

DMX Forms New Record Label 9-25-2k

DMX has just closed a joint-venture label deal with the Island Def Jam Music Group called Bloodline Records. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Drag-On Arrested for Assault 9-21-2k

Drag-On Arrested in NYC Thursday - September 21, 2000 Rapper Drag-On was arrested Monday night after allegedly beating up his limo driver. FOX 5 News in New York City interviewed the Ruff Ryder after he was released, on bail, from prison. Drag-On told the station that, "My limo driver came and picked me up...We were going to pick my man up, and he was wild. [The limo] driver called me racist names, but I let all that slide though...I got to my crib, and it's like he was talking crazy...He kept pimpin' me so I'm like, 'Listen man, step out of my face,' and he didn't want to step out of my face...So, I'm like, 'All right champ, it's on...'"

DMX Signs Deal for "A Dogz Life" Biography 9-18-2k

Errant -- and occasionally absent -- rapper DMX has just inked a publishing deal with Harper Entertainment for the rights to his autobiography, tentatively titled "DMX: A Dogz Life" and due out next fall. For the book, the 29-year-old rapper (born Earl Simmons) will team up with "The Source" music editor Smokey D. Fontaine to tell his story, which will chronicle his rise from his early days in a Yonkers, New York, housing project to his present success as a platinum-selling, multimedia star. According to editor Manie Barton, "A Dogz Life" will also include rare insights into DMX's inner world as seen through the self-penned prayers the rapper apparently recites to himself every day and extensive passages taken from his personal notebooks. [credit mtv.com]


Read it here.

Eve Talks about new solot album, "Scorpion" 9-13-2k

Rapper Eve, the tough femme fatale of the Ruff Ryders, is busy wrapping up work on her second album, "Scorpion." "My album is gonna be a little more musical [than my debut LP]," Eve recently said, adding that "Scorpion" would also be "a little more grown up. My thing is that I like music as a whole, not just hip-hop. I'm an artist; I'm not just a rapper." The rapper was tight-lipped on details about the project, which is due December 5. She said some Ruff Ryders, Nokio of Dru Hill, and producer Rockwilder would make contributions to the album. The album's first single has not yet been decided. Eve became a big name when her 1999 album, "Let There Be Eve... Ruff Ryders' First Lady," became the first debut LP by a female rapper to enter the "Billboard" 200 albums chart at number one. Since then the Philadelphia native has made guest appearances on several projects, most recently with Jadakiss of the LOX on "Got It All" from the Ruff Ryders' compilation "Ryde Or Die Vol. 2." She said she had matured a great deal since her first album and had learned what type of effect her songs had on fans. "I didn't know the impact 'Love Is Blind' was gonna have," Eve said, referring to a song on her debut album in which she raps about helping a friend who is a victim of domestic violence. "I wrote that just to get it off my chest and for my friend," she said. "When that song came out, a lot of women came up to me and said, 'That song helped me a lot,' or 'My friend is going through it.' I was like, wow. Now I really understand it." [credit: MTV.com news]

Eve to be on "Girl Fight" Soundtrack 9-11-2k

Eve, Fat Joe, and Cuban Link will appear on the soundtrack for Girlfight, which is scheduled for release September 26. Eve appears with Stevie J. on "Out For The Count," while Fat Joe delivers "He's Not Real" and Cuban Link offers "Project Party." Queen Latifah will also be featured on the collection's first single, Cole's "I Can Do Too." Dallas Austin, hit maker for TLC and others, produced the cut. The song's video was filmed in Los Angeles in August and features the film's star, newcomer Michelle Rodriguez, and Laila Ali, Muhammad Ali's daughter. Girlfight is scheduled to open in limited release on September 29 and make it to 1,200 screens by October 20. The film won the grand jury prize and the best directing award at the Sundance Film Festival this year. [credit thirsty.com]

DMX to be on New Funk Flex Mixtape 9-10-2k

Despite Flex's last mixtape being titled The Final Chapter, Funkmaster Flex will be another major label mixtape when he releases volume four of his successful Loud Records mixtape series on December 5. This volume will feature Eminem, Nelly, Trick Daddy, Xzibit, DMX, Dr. Dre, and Ginuwine among others, dropping freestyles and exclusive cuts for the Flexster. [credit DMX2k.com from reviewzxl.com]

Ruffryders Teams Up with Limp Bizkit 9-10-2k

Limp Bizkit Recruits Swizz Beatz For "Rollin'" Swizz Beatz, famous for his work with the Ruff Ryders and Limp Bizkit's "N2Gether Now", produced the rap version of "Rollin'" for "Chocolate Starfish And The Hot Dog Flavored Water". The second version of the track features DMX, Method Man and Redman. The current radio single and the rap version will both appear on Limp's new album dropping October 17th through Flip/Interscope.

DMX to go on Tour 9-10-2k

DMX will be on the second half of My Generation tour with Limp Bizkit, Eminem, Papa Roach and Xzibit that kicks off in mid October. [credit thirsty.com] I guess this squashes the supposed beef theories of Eminem vs. DMX [ed. note]

DMX VMA No Show 9-6-2k

For the second year in a row, DMX has been scratched from the performance lineup for the MTV Video Music Awards. While the rapper certainly possesses the skills to rock the house, DMX failed to appear at dress rehearsals for the VMAs on Wednesday, leading the show's producers to remove him from the list of planned performers at the event. A similar situation occurred last year, when DMX missed rehearsals for the 1999 Video Music Awards held at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City. DMX's loss has become Nelly's gain, as the "Country Grammar" rapper has been tapped to replace DMX on the awards show main stage, with Nelly "graduating" from his planned appearance on the VMA pre-show "Opening Act." [credit MTV news]

Eve Wins Award 8-30-2k

Eve won the Best New Artist (solo) award at the 2nd annual Source Awards! [credit ruffryders.com]

DMX Ressurects Crow Series 7-31-2k

After an acclaimed performance in the Aaliyah-Jet Li film "Romeo Must Die," rapper-actor DMX has signed on to become the new face of the avenging urban deadman, The Crow, and is in negotiations for a multi-picture deal tied to the part. Publicists for DMX's film career confirmed to MTV News that the rapper, real name Earl Simmons, has agreed to star in "The Crow: Lazarus," the fourth motion picture in the "Crow" franchise. "I am very excited about my involvement in 'The Crow: Lazarus,'" DMX noted in a statement. "I like the story line, and I can identify with the character. On the real tip, the moral of this story is that things are not always what they seem and we must not be too hasty to pass judgments, and that's real." The third film, titled "The Crow: Salvation," stars Eric Mabius and Kirsten Dunst and is tentatively expected to hit theaters in the fall, although there's talk that the film may be released direct-to-video instead. A soundtrack to "The Crow: Salvation," featuring tracks from Kid Rock, Rob Zombie, Hole, and Danzig, was issued on Koch Records in March. According to a release from the Edward R. Pressman Film Corp., the production company handling the film, the screenplay for "The Crow: Lazarus" deals with the story of a rapper who chooses to leave the music scene for the love of a woman and is killed during a drive-by shooting. The rapper is then reincarnated as The Crow in order to take revenge on the gang responsible for his death. The production could go in front of the lens as early as November of this year. If the project comes to fruition, DMX will become the fourth actor to play the part of "The Crow," based upon a comic book character created by James O'Barr after the real-life death of his own fianc*e. Brandon Lee played The Crow in the original 1994 film, but was killed during an accident while shooting the movie. Vincent Perez was tapped to take flight as The Crow in the 1996 sequel, "The Crow: City Of Angels," which failed to generate as much box office as the first film. DMX is currently in Toronto shooting a new movie, "Exit Wounds," along with Steven Seagal and "Romeo Must Die" director Andrzej Bartkowiak [credit MTV news]


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