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Big Up to DMX Center


Thanks LG for hookin me up! To everyone else, this is exclusive, so get permission from LG at DMX Center to use this stuff, and if you want to, I can ask him for you, e-mail me here.

LG found a real life girl [Heather] who had an experience with the one and ONLY Dmx, Dmx hung out with her and even took a picture[above]!!! And now I am going to tell you about Heather's Experience. Here's what Heather had to say -"Wow, I didn't expect to hear from anyone wanting to know about it but here it goes.. Well I live in upstate NY, and Dmx was here last summer, everyone I knew had seen him but me, and finally this year on July 4th, I knew there was going to be fireworks at the hotel which is on an island, There is like a mini mart store and I saw a big Ucon, ya know the big sport utility vehicles. And it was bumping music which sounded like the new RR Vol. 2 and there was a guy in it bumping his head and as they drove away Im like to my friend that was him, that was Dmx, so we walked onto the bridgeto get onto the island and watched the fireworks from there, since we knew he went back to the hotel and he had to pass us if he left... Well after the fireworks we walked onto the island to the main lodge and here comes his vehicle, I like jumped in front of it practically and was like "No Don't Go" and he stopped, so I went to the pass window and he was driving he was like whats up and shit, I was like would you go the the main lodge parking lot where there's more light so I can get a pic, and he was like " You got a flash on your camera", I said yeah but my camera is a piece of shit, he was like "thats ok, I deal with shitty cameras everyday", and he was cool and he drove up there... We walked... Then we were there, he was still in the vehicle talking on the phone and we were talking to some guy that was with him and asking questions and shit, then D got out... So my friend go a pic of me and him and then I took a pic of my friend and D, I had a polaroid so I was like don't leave yet till I can make sure this came out and he was like" I am not going anywhere", I was so wired, it was unbelievible... He was lookin at the pic and shit , he was like damn, it actually looks like me... and then we just chilled there standing around by his vehicle and talking, his wife came over with like 100 other people, it was nut's and then we really didn't wanna bother him ya know, I mean I wanted to stay but I didn't want him to think I was nut's... So I was like thank you so much and he gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek goodbye, and I was flipping out there after we walked away... Ad that was it... I could talk forever about it but ya know... Im not sure how good this pic is going to be because it was nighttime on July 4th!!!"