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4.20.01 PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT- I hope it's not too late, but today is 4/20 and I am gonna say to you all, don't smoke dope! It's not cool, and for all you who I got to too late, well don't do it again. I'll re-emphasize, DON'T SMOKE DOPE! It's probably laced with crack anyways, because 75% of marijuana is messed with. Ok, I was bored, and it was a week since my last update, so I thought I'd drop some knowledge.

4.13.01 NEW STUFF FROM LARSINY! Download a new track called "Up in This" f/ Sheek of the LOX. Download it here! And to get the MP3 version, check me out on Napster, my username is NEZNARF and it will be on for a long time, and it's a fast connection. Also check the Larsiny section, cuz I'm working on it.

4.12.01 Hope my April Fool's trick didn't piss you off too much. Life is still busy, so here's my big update. Read about RR's expansion of their businees in the news section. Jadakiss' album, "Kiss the Game Goodbye," is set for a June 12th release date, and it's gonna be hot. He's got DMX, Snoop Dogg, and a lot of big names on it, and it's about done. The first single is "Put Your Hands Up" and here's the video. Here's the new Eve video, "Let Me Blow Ya Mind".Jada also sqashed the rumor that he and Jay-z had any beef on BET today with Big Tigger. Oh yeah, and the article about Swizz's record label, that's Ryde Or Die Records he's talking about, they're still deciding on the name they'll use though. One.

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