Instruction for entering your site

1. Have one of the hottest DMX/Ruffryder/Hip Hop sites on the net

2. Go here and follow the directions

3. Click the ads and banners all across this site every time you come

4. To officially enter go here, the messageboards and post in the Win DMX Stuff Forum in the proper topic or just start one, saying, HEY WILLY I WANNA WIN! Post your URL, your e-mail addy, and tell me why you should win, also go post a message somewhere else, just for the hell of it.


NOTE: I decide who wins, and it's gonna be solely on the best sites. The winners will get a custom award, and I will post it, and their banner on the award winners page. There won't be a defined period in which you win, because then eventually I'll have to give bad sites awards, and that's stupid. DMX and RR sites will have a better chance of winning, but all types of sites are welcome to enter, the closer it is related to hip hop, the better a chance it has. You can ignore step 3 if you want, I just put that there, cuz it helps support the site and I'm being a jerk by mentioning it every 2 seconds. I'm gonna judge the sites on basis of content, graphical layout, updatedness, exclusiveness of material, etc. Have fun and good luck. If you win, you'll be contacted by e-mail and I'll tell you the deal, also you can change the line "is off the hook" to pretty much anything you want as long as it ain't stupid.

- Willy