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Track # Song Name Lyrics
1 Ryde or Die rydeordie.txt
2 Down Bottom downbottom.txt
3 What Ya Want whatyawant.txt
4 Jigga My Nigga jigga.txt
5 Takin' Money (skit) Not Available
6 Dope Money dopemoney.txt
7 I'm a Ruff Ryder imaruffryder.txt
8 Bugout bugout.txt
9 Kiss of Death kissofdeath.txt
10 The Hood thehood.txt
11 Platinum Plus platinum.txt
12 Buff Ryders (skit) Not Available
13 Do That Shit dothatshit.txt
14 Pina Colada pinacolada.txt
15 Some X Shit somexshit.txt