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Artist: DMX Album: It's Dark and Hell is Hot

Song: Intro

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Interviewer: Yo I'm sayin, these Ruff Ryder Niggas.
DMX: Dog
Interviewer: I heard these niggas is for real
DMX: Dog. That's my man and them
Interviewer: But I heard these Niggas is like suppose to be lockin down the industry on some shit, on some power shit.
DMX: Dog that's my mans and them
Interviewer: Eh
DMX: So what I'm doin'
Interviewer: right, right
DMX: my mans and them is doin, because
Interviewer: right.
DMX: that's my mans and them, ya know
Interveiwer: I feel ya
DMX: Now ya feel me?
Interveiwer: I feel ya
DMX: So you know when you fuckin with me
Interveiwer: right, right
DMX: you fuckin wit
Interveiwer: oh oh, what are ya doin now?
DMX: Told y'all niggaz Ya just don't listen Why must you be hard headed Tried to explain, but ya didn't hear me though Ya know, grrrrrr
Uh One two one two, come through run through
Gun who, oh you donıt know what the gun do
Some do, those that know are real quiet
Let me think you wanna try it, fuck around and start a riot
Niggas gonna buy it, regardless because
Iım the hardest rap artist and
I'ma start this
Shit up foreal, get up and feel, my words
I make herbs split up and squeal
Ill is all Iıve been hearin lately
Niggaz hate me, wanna duck tape me and make me
Put their brains on the wall, when I brawl
Too late for that 911 call
Niggaz stay beefin but a lot of them bluffin
But not me because I'ma nigga that can get out of them cuffs
You think a lot of them tough
Not just for frontin
When I hit them niggaz like 'What you want?' the battle turns into a hunt
With the dog right behind niggaz chasin em down
We all knew that you was pussy but I'm tastin it now
And never give a dog blood because raw blood I have a dog like one bitin whatever
All up in ya gut
Give it to them raw like that and ain't no love I do em all like that
Four right up in they back Clak Clak
Close your eyes baby, it's over
Forget it, happened in front off your buildin but nobody knows who did it
What Where my dogs at?
What what Where my dogs at?
Uh Where my dogs at?
What what Where my dogs at?
Uh Where my dogs at?
What what Where my dogs at?
Uh Where my dogs at?
What what Niggas is pussy
Keep me runnin from the werewolf, owww
Howling at the moon on the roof
Eh, ah, no, get em
Ten niggas on him, hope God's with him
Give me the bat, let me split him
I'll have em where the pillow and the casket won't fit him
Only reason I did him, he wouldn't fight back
Trieed to strike back
Left him like that, layin up with the white hat
Gettin right back at ya when I snatch ya
Up out the grave, nuthin but bones and ashes
Hittin niggaz with gashes to the head
Straight to the white meat but the street stay red But this girl gave me head for free
Cause they see, who I'ma be by like 2003
That Nigga D took it there
He thought it was a joke He went through like 20 G's and thought that I was broke, stupid
That's what you get for thinkin and eventually found that's what you get for stinkin
Blowin up the spot when you rot plus if it gets hot they know you dipped for four squared blocks
Hit em with the ox to the grill
Eh, ah, kill nigga kill
Yet still they don't know I'ma rob who
That dog DMX is a muthafuckin problem