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Track # Song Name Lyrics
1 First Lady (Intro) Not Available
2 Let's Talk About letstalk.eve.txt
3 Gotta Man gottaman.eve.txt
4 Philly Cheese Steak (skit) Not Available
5 Philly, Philly philly.eve.txt
6 Stuck Up stuck_up.eve.txt
7 Ain't Got No Dough no_dough.eve.txt
8 BM (skit) Not Available
9 Love Is Blind is_blind.eve.txt
10 Scenario 2000 scen2000.eve.txt
11 Dog Match dogmatch.eve.txt
12 My Bitches (skit) Not Available
13 We On That Shit! thatshit.eve.txt
14 Chokie Nikes (skit) Not Available
15 Maniac maniac.eve.txt
16 My Enemies (skit) Not Available
17 Heaven Only Knows heaven.eve.txt
18 What Ya'll Want (remix) what_rmx.eve.txt